This novel was another quick read, with a fast pace and about 350 pages. It follows Karena on the search for her stormchasing twin brother, Charles, whom she lost touch with 20 years ago. Charles is bipolar, and Karena’s always watched out and cared for him in their childhood. After receiving a phone call about him on their 38th birthday, Karena decides to find him by joining a stormchasing team, knowing that he’d be likely following the same large storms. However, the scary part of Karena’s journey aren’t the tornadoes, but instead facing the past that separated her from her twin.

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Without giving too much away, Blum lays out a pretty convincing story in the beginning. Sister loses contact with unstable brother, searches for him, finds romance along the way, and then finds brother. There’s humor and action, and set at a quick pace that keeps the reader turning pages. But the plot twist I didn’t see coming- the story of why the twins had lost contact. There’s a flashback to the incident, and the aftermath that separated the two without much discussion. This aftermath comes to a head in the form of Charles’ manic moments brought on by his bipolar disorder, and this is when Blum lost me. The climax of this story is such a blowout that the remainder just fizzles. Blum tries to tie up loose ends neatly, but it reads as blunt. When she had done so much to spell things out for the reader in the beginning, the ending just seemed abrupt and left the reader to draw conclusions.

Before I finished this book I was really excited to review it, but the ending put a damper on the whole thing. Although I enjoyed quite a few parts of this novel- Charles’ character development, Karena and Kevin’s child naming car game- overall I’d have to say I wouldn’t pull it off the shelf for a reread.