Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: corruption, villains, bullying, monsters, death.

Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars


Let’s continue the differences of the book verses the movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (DHP2).

Again, this will be long and I apologize, but bear with me!

  1. In the DHP2 movie, during the robbery of Gringotts, the trio are attempting to escape the vault and Hermione comes up with the plan to hop on the dragon and ride the thing out of the ceiling. While I love Emma Watson as much as every other fangirl, I feel that because of her fame and the portrayal of the brain in the trio, many of the brilliant schemes and reasoning were produced and changed to come from her instead of who the book originally attributed them to. This is one of the best examples, because in the novel, this is all Harry. And even if you didn’t read the book, you could deduce from the movies that Hermione doesn’t like flying, so more than likely, this wouldn’t have been her go-to plan.
  2. Thanks to the deleted scenes feature, I know that DHP2 producers attempted to give more detail when the trio make it to safety in Hogsmeade, thanks to Aberforth. However, the final cut showed Harry telling Aberforth that they were hunting Horcruxes, and Aberforth never relaying the truth about what happened between him and Albus. Then, when Neville comes through the portrait passageway and takes the trio into the Room of Requirement, he didn’t give as much detail as the book about why there were hammocks in the Room of Requirement. The book clearly states that nobody but the trio knows about the Horcruxes, and the extra details from Neville help the trio later on in the book.
  3. In the novel, Luna shows Harry to the Ravenclaw common room to see what the lost diadem looks like. They go under the invisibility cloak, look at the diadem, and run into Death Eater and “Professor” Alecto Carrow. Luna stuns her, and as they are trying to leave the common room, they run into Alecto’s Death Eater and “Professor” twin, Amycus and Professor McGonagall. As the two argue, Amycus spits at McGonagall and sets Harry off, and he attacks the Carrow twin and knocks him out. This is when McGonagall realizes that Harry is back, and starts making preparations to protect the school. She ties up the unconscious Carrows and sends Patronus messages to the other heads of houses. Making their way down from the Ravenclaw tower, Harry and Luna back under the cloak , they run into Snape. This is when McGonagall duels him and makes him leave the castle. Then, everyone gathers into the Great Hall, and all underage students (and almost all Slytherins) are organized to leave the castle for their safety. In DHP2, everyone begins in the Room of Requirement, and then heads to the Great Hall. Harry appears out of the students, calls out Snape, and McGonagall makes Harry step aside and drives out Snape. Then, students start running everywhere and Harry heads for the Ravenclaw tower. Luna stops Harry from going to the tower and sends him, sans cloak, to talk with the Grey Lady.
  4. Ron and Hermione’s kiss. Either version- book or movie- still makes me want to cheer because FINALLY. But I’m being picky here, and the book version is better in my opinion. Ron and Hermione have just come back from the Chamber of Secrets with an armful of basilisk fangs after successfully killing the Hufflepuff cup, and are relaying the story to Harry. As he’s clearing out the Room of Requirement so he can get it to change to the room where the diadem is hidden, Ron suddenly remembers that they should evacuate the house-elves for their safety. Hermione, front-runner of SPEW, drops her armful of fangs and leaps at Ron and kisses him. In my opinion, this would make a better scene than the typical Hollywood “in case we die” kiss. And while we’re on this topic, Harry and Ginny’s movie kiss didn’t happen either. That kiss happened before Harry left the Burrow, on his birthday.
  5. After Harry comes back from the Pensieve with Snape’s memories and learns of his fate, so many things differ from book to movie. Immediately apparent, his trip out of the castle is very different. In DHP2, he sees Ron and Hermione, reminds them that the snake is the last horcrux (something they’ve know since before they started hunting horcruxes in the book, but only recently found out in the movie), and as a way of explaining how he knows he must die, says “there’s a reason I can hear the horcruxes”. None of this happens in the novel. He can’t hear the horcruxes (nor can Voldemort feel them for that matter). He doesn’t even know where Ron and Hermione are as he’s leaving the castle, but he also doesn’t want to see they because it would hurt to say goodbye. He’s under the invisibility cloak, and the only person he stops to talk to is Neville, to tell him (just in case) that Voldemort’s snake must be killed. **Plot hole (maybe)- he doesn’t mention how it has to be killed (with something that will kill a Horcrux.)**.
  6. The Resurrection Stone. In the movie, it’s this shiny geometric rock, which Harry seems to immediately recognize as the stone, though he didn’t guess in the movies that this is what was hidden in the Snitch. In the book, it’s the cracked stone from the ring horcrux, which Harry knew it would be as he guess it back before he got brought to Malfoy Manor. And while I’m being particular about that scene, I also dislike how movie Lily has brown eyes. I get it, it’s the movies. But that drives me nuts that the producers would think the audience would forgive this. End Lily rant.
  7. EVERYTHING DURING THE KINGS CROSS SCENE WITH DUMBLEDORE. After rereading the novel and then rewatching the movie, I can’t believe how so much was left out of this scene. Yes, we see the dying part of Voldermort’s soul, and a few dialogue lines were the same, but nearly all the detailed information about WHY Harry is still alive and HOW he’ll manage to defeat Voldemort and the truth about Dumbledore and the Deathly Hallows is JUST NOT THERE IN THE MOVIE.
  8. When Harry returns to the castle, movie Harry jumps down from Hagrid’s arms after Neville kills the snake, and start dueling with Voldemort, and the final battle of the Battle of Hogwarts commences. This isn’t how the novel goes. First, Harry is laid down on the ground. Then, war cries ring out from creatures from the Dark Forest and Grawp (“HAGGAR!”), creating a distraction from poor Neville, who’s in a body-bind curse with the Sorting Hat aflame on his head. As Death Eaters and Voldemort move from the attack of the creatures, Neville breaks free of the curse, gets the Gryffindor sword from the hat, and kills the snake. Harry, using the distraction, throws his cloak over his and comes back to life, and seeks out Voldemort, who no longer has the horcruxes to protect him.
  9. In DHP2, Harry duels with Voldemort, and it’s a long dragged out scene with no observers. In the book, Harry catches up to Voldemort, calls him out, brings attention onto them, and they circle as Harry explains how his sacrifice protects all those fighting alongside him, just as his mother’s protected him while he was a baby. He also explains how he survived, how Voldemort was (for lack of a better word) stupid enough to use his blood to bring himself back to life. And finally, just before they break into the duel, Harry explains how HE is the one that the Elder Wand responds to, and how it will not hurt it’s master. As the Harry and Voldemort’s curses hit, Harry’s easily causes Voldemort’s killing curse to rebound, causing Voldemort to finally parish once and for all, dying a human’s death (none of the Hollywood flaking apart and turning to dust.)
  10. And finally, Harry’s wand. In the movie, apparently he just keeps Draco’s wand since he breaks and tosses the Elder Wand into wreckage. In the novel however, he makes a very sane (and humble) decision to mend his old wand that Hermione accidentally broke, and returns the wand to Dumbledore’s grave, where as long as Harry dies a natural death, the power of the Elder Wand will die as well.

So there you have it, all the comparisons that to me were important enough to point out. For those who just watched the Harry Potter movies, do yourself a favor and read the books. You’ll love Harry Potter even more. If you only read the books, go ahead and watch the movies- it won’t ruin the books for you, it’ll just make you even more attached to them, as something you can return to for more Potter.
Now, I’m going to need a little time to come down from my Potter high before I ready to read another book, but again, thank you to my followers for sticking with me through the series!

TL/DR:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh novel in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. In this novel, Harry, Ron, and Hermione hunt horcruxes to weaken Voldemort, before he and Harry must fight each other to the death. In the movie series, this final book is broken into two separate movies.

Read it? Yes!!!

Recommend it? Yes!!!

Buy it? YES. It’s a large book, which could take a while to read, but also IT’S AMAZING.

Watch the movie? Yes, but all the Harry Potter books are SO MUCH BETTER than the movies. This movie really deviates from the novels, so definitely read the book before watching the movie so you know what you’ve missed!

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