This book was a quick read, an easy attention grabbing novel that helped me get out of my Potter phase without too much to-do. You know when you pick up a Judy Blume, you’re going to get a little emotional, but this one was quick paced enough that there was no need for the tissue box. Fair warning, I’d say the content is definitely PG-13. But Blume knows how to hit the sweet spot “coming of age” stories.

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This novel takes place around two main characters- Victoria (Vix) and Caitlin- from Victoria’s point of view. Vix meets popular new girl Caitlin, at the tender age of 12, and surprisingly, Caitlin invited Vix to spend the summer with her in Martha’s Vineyard. Excited and nervous at the invitation, Vix is ready to see what life is like beyond Santa Fe. Though uncomfortable at first, Vix and Caitlin become close friends, dubbing themselves “summer sisters”. As the years go by and the girls continue to return to the Vineyard, they find themselves exploring the boundaries of summer love, the difficulties of family heartbreak, and the growing pains of life.

Overall, I think this is a good, fast paced book with plot twists that I definitely wasn’t expecting. Character development is excellent, and the Blume life lesson is obvious- true sisterhood and friendship means loving the best and the worst of a person. It’s perfect for beach or pool-side reading, and it’ll make you want to call your best friend and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship. ♥