Alright, so if you’ve already judged me for reading this, get out. (Ha ha just kidding, you can stay.)

I’ve been reading a lot of good, heavy hitting books (and watching a ton of drama-series reruns on TV while repainting my house), so I decided what I needed was a little fluff. So, while cleaning and sorting through my book stacks, I pulled out Diary of a South Beach Party Girl. I don’t know how I came to own it, and I don’t remember reading it before, but I figured it would give my emotions a break and be perfect for spring break.

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I’m assuming this book is based partly on the life of the author, Gwen Cooper. Her main character is Rachel Baum, a Miami native to finds herself bored with her traditional life. So after quitting her non-profit job and breaking up with her long term boyfriend, she heads to South Beach to start anew. She moves in with fast friend Amy, who introduces her to the South Beach party scene.

Night after night, Rachel works her way up the South Beach social ladder, and eventually finds herself becoming the girl she wished she could be- sexy, frivolous, and admired by those around her…a social celebrity. As she mingles, she makes friends with Ricky, Mike, and Kojo, and they become a tight group that picks each other up when South Beach life knocks them down- through job losses, bankruptcy, and long strings of bad boyfriends. Rachel also finds herself hopelessly attracted to John Hood, local transient bad boy with a questionable criminal and drug history.

After a few years of living the life she thought she wanted, Rachel starts to see that South Beach isn’t a long term place for a girl like herself. So, she decides to take on New York City, where everything finally ties together.

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Like I said, pretty fluffy stuff here. Even though it’s all drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll, it’s a pretty predictable book. Closet party girl wants to party, goes through transformation as a popular party girl, and then decides that she’s ready to move on from the party scene for something bigger and better. *Insert eye-roll here*. Oh, I should also note that it was written in 2007, but the story really takes place between 1998 and 2000, so there are a lot of references to people and songs that were a big hit in that time frame… which is a little funny to read. *NSYNC anyone? So yeah…I wouldn’t recommend this book unless you were really looking for a pool side/ beach side read.