Jumping right in, this short and sweet novel is about two sisters and a young feral child learning to communicate and trust one another.

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Ellie, chief of police in small town Rain Valley, is called onto the case when a small child is found with a wolf pup stuck up in a tree. Once rescued, the small child is observed to have serious  scars, animal instincts, and no way to seemingly communicate with those around her. Determined to find the girl’s parents, Ellie calls in her sister, Julia, a child psychologist, confident that she would be able to get the girl to speak about her past. Julia, on the other hand, is shaken to the core after recent events put her at the center of a tragic and scandalized event. Feeling like there was nothing left to lose, she returns to Rain Valley. Once she meets the little girl, she knows that though her confidence is shot, she has to remain strong to heal this girl.

As Julia, Ellie, and the little girl who becomes known as Alice grow closer, they know they would do anything to keep Alice safe.  Magic Hour is a quick and easy read, and though the story line is predictable, it’s keeps the readers attention with the hope for Alice’s happy ending.