I’ve finally gotten my stack of books to be read down to three, with Out Stealing Horses included. I don’t remember where I got the book, but I think it may have been a gift. No matter, since it had horses in it, I figured it wouldn’t hurt taking up a space on my bookshelves.

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But the problem is, I finally cracked the book open and read… and I really can’t stand it.

Now, some people are really into the type of writing style that Petterson (as translated by Anne Born) uses, where the text is almost a stream of conscious thought (prose).  I’m not one of those people. It’s hard for me to follow along and in this case, there’s flashbacks that take you from present to past and in doing so, causes confusion and disrupts the reader’s understanding.

For those that really want the summary: Trond Sander, an almost 70 year old man, helps his neighbor look for his lost dog in late one night. After moving out in the remote area, the sudden companionship of the neighbor throws Trond back into memories of his younger years with his mischievous friend Jon.

As I said, there are some out there that love that kind of writing style, and if you are one of them, check this book out and tell me what you think. But if you are like me, I would pass on this one. As is, I only got about 20 pages in. Maybe I quit too early, but in reading the book summary on the back cover, it sounds like there wasn’t much more to the story than what I figured out in the first 20 pages.