Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: relationships, religion, spirituality.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars


So if you didn’t see the review I did for Eat Pray Love, please start there– I’ll wait.

Ok, you with me? Good, because my Lord this woman and her freaking book. Here is physical proof that A BOOK CAN CHANGE LIVES. Change LIVES, people. A whole book, based off one bestseller, that influenced so many people that they actually could create a 200 page, short story style book with the accounts of those that felt like their lives were changed in some way because of that book.

So obviously, this is why I urge you to read Eat Pray Love. And then when you’ve done so, read …Made Me Do It because there are so many people like you out there, with their own story and their own struggles and their own coping methods, and all they needed was a friend who understood. And there lies unapologetic Elizabeth Gilbert, who put herself out there via a novel and said, “I’ve been through this, too.”

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Now, at first, as I started reading this I thought it would be a bit dramatic…you know, “Oh I read this book and it changed my life and it’s my bible.” I mean, I know about fandoms, and this compilation seemed like it would be fandom material. However, my frame of mind reverted to how I felt reading Eat Pray Love, and their stories were heartfelt, inspirational, and just as resonating as Gilbert’s. The people in …Made Me Do It took their journeys to a point where they could have an out-of-body reflection upon their situation, wrote about it, and in many cases stated that they are still progressing. THAT inspired me. They all shared that exact feeling of “It doesn’t have to be this way, and I have the power to change it.”

So, if you need a little motivation or inspiration, please, check out these books. Buy them, so that you can mark them up and reflect upon them when you feel the need to. Let these people, who shared their stories, influence you to share yours.

TL/DR: Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It is a compilation of testimonies about how the memoir Eat Pray Love affected people’s lives.

Read it? Yes, especially if you read Eat Pray Love!

Recommend it? Yes!

Buy it? It’s a backlist book, so it’s easy and usually inexpensive to get your own copy- I advise it because you’ll flag this one up too.

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