I was tagged to do the #toptenbookishcreatures tag by @a_nargle_walks_into_a_bar on Instagram, and was so excited to answer, but I had to take a minute to narrow down my top ten. There are so many awesome magical creatures out there! So, without further ado:

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  • Unicorn/ Pegasus

I’ve ALWAYS wanted one, being a horse girl and all. Wings or no wings, I’m not too picky 😂

Image result for Winged unicorn

  • Bowtruckle

They’re just so cute and little and handy!

Image result for Bowtruckle

  • Niffler

Even though they would be a pain to keep track of, haha.

Image result for Niffler

  • Dragon


Related image

  • Direhorse

I realize this isn’t technically a bookish animal but the creatures on Pandora are freaking cool and I want one so I added it to my list.

Image result for Direhorse

  • Mountain Banshee

See reasoning above, #5.

Related image

  • Merpeople

I would be okay with being a merbabe, just sayin’.

Image result for fat mermaid art

  • House Elves

I just adore Dobby and Kreature (post locket gift). So like an army of Dobbies and happy Kreachers.

Image result for dobby and kreature

  • Ymbrynes

Time travel and flight is cool!

Image result for ymbrynes

  • Genies

I have no idea what the three wishes would be though.

Image result for genie lamp

So there you have it! My top 10 bookish creatures! What are yours?!

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