Another novel that I’m totally behind the curve on, but absolutely lived up to the hype. I knew it was going to be good- I’d seen parts of the movie (but not the whole thing in it’s entirety) and had heard so many good reviews on it, but it was even better than everyone said.

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Here’s why: it’s so brutally honest. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t had a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer. I personally have had family members battle, die, or both from cancer. And it sucks. It sucks because you watch the person you know and love become cancer. Everyone around them just talks about treatments, wants to know how they’re feeling, or what they can do for them. And that sucks because you know they’re more than cancer. They’re the guy who can do the Sunday crossword in pen; the woman who can cook better than a five star chef; the friend who can make friends with anyone in three seconds. Green shares what it’s like to be a teenager experiencing their first love first, and a cancer patient second.

If you are like me and hadn’t read the book or seen the movie, the story is about sixteen year old Hazel Grace who is living with terminal thyroid / lung cancer, and Augustus, a recovering bone cancer survivor. The two meet at a cancer support group as mutual friends of a boy named Isaac. They are immediately fast friends, and then quickly fall in love. As the two grow closer, Augustus makes a grand gesture for Hazel that would give her the answers to her most burning questions.

It’s a beautiful adventure in love for the both of them, and heart-wrenching for the reader. Definitely a novel that you’ll need a box of tissues for, but absolutely worth the read.