The trio @ Thrice Read  shared this tag, and since I’m mid-book, I’m doing yet another tag. All November, I’ve been trying very hard to post three times a week and it’s been very difficult for me! So thank goodness for awesome bloggers like you all who post these entertaining tags, because otherwise I would have completely bombed my goal. Anyway…. as always, feel free to give the tag a try yourself!

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1. What book (or audiobook) have you been meaning to read for a long time but haven’t gotten around to reading:

I’ve been sitting on the Ya-Ya Sisterhood series for months now, and I’ve just barely started Little Altars Everywhere.

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2. A book you’ve been meaning to reread but haven’t:

I’ve got dozens, haha…I have a stack of Jodi Picoult’s and a stack of Nicholas Sparks’ that I’ve read before, but it’s been a while. I also really want to reread Eat Pray Love because I was so motivated after I read it, and with winter coming, I could use some motivation not to hibernate.

3. A book from a genre you don’t normally read but have been meaning to try and give it a chance:

I’m not the biggest fantasy fan, but I’ve been branching out a little more this year, and everyone is talking about the City of Bones series. I’m thinking I may give that a go sometime in the new year.

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4. A series you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t because of how long it is:

I’m dying to read the Divergent series, but I know I haven’t got the time this month to delve into them like I want to. Hopefully next month!

5. A book you wish you could go back in time and read for the first time:

Harry Potter. Always.

6. Book recommendation you’ve been putting off:

The Da Vinci Code. I know this one has been out there forever it seems, and plenty of people have told me it’s pretty good, but I just keep putting off reading it. I’m not sure why either… I just have so many other books that I want to get to first, I guess.

Anyone who wants to do this tag is more than welcome!! I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. If you love Harry Potter, you’ll probably love The Mortal Instruments! Enjoy. 🙂

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