I was scrolling through Instagram and saw the  giveaway, and decided to enter. To my surprise, I ended up being contacted by , to say I won a copy of her novella, One Christmas in Winter, and a mountain reader mug from Emilie’s Society 6 shop!! And since the novella was so time appropriate, I let it cut my TBR line.


It starts out with a little legend about how it only takes a Christmas in Winter, MT to fall in love. Then, the reader is introduced to Reba Farwell, writer and director of a current movie production called “First Christmas Kiss“. She’s got a bit of an uptight reputation, but she really just wants the movie to be successful. As it is, she’s extremely nervous about shooting on location in such a freezing atmosphere- especially since she’s used to filming in a Los Angeles studio. Things haven’t been going her way, with a bad break-up and a missed opportunity already, so a lot is riding on her film going smoothly.

Enter Hoyt Bradley, ex-actor turned diner owner. He’s hiding out in Winter with his mother and brothers, and not too keen on the movie business being in his neck of the woods. He’s decided to put his acting career in the past, but the production crew seems to be everywhere he turns, including this admittedly cute redhead that he keeps bumping into.

When Reba and Hoyt are finally officially introduced, Reba is in a bit of a tight spot- her lead actor won’t be in commission for at least six weeks, and she needs a fill-in, stat. With his charm and good looks, Hoyt seems to be the perfect fit- but he refuses.

In a very cute, Hallmark-style fashion, the two end up working together and spending a lot of time together, each eyeing the other and trying to decipher (and deny!) their attraction. Renshaw creates quick, witty dialogue that’ll have the reader eating up her novella with a smile, and leaving them with the warm fuzzy feelings of a winter romance. If you get the chance, give it a read this holiday season!

*This is an honest review, and there were no stipulations of providing a review as a winner of this giveaway.*