I’m sure you read the title of this one and thought “What?!” Well, let me explain. This was a freebie off Kindle, and I thought it was going to be more satirical than the book actually was. As a chronic singleton, I thought this may be entertaining, and maybe there would be something slightly cerebral in there that I might be able to use, but alas…

So I start reading, and first and foremost, this book is urging mental mind f*ckery, not physical f*ckery. That’s um, nice. Personally, I don’t think mind games are very constructive, but hey, let’s here this guy out.

Nox insists that men like having their mind messed around with, and that mental manipulation is something they unknowingly are drawn to. He also goes through many points about how when you are passive and not controlling, it’s the reason why you are single. Literally the whole damn book is about how to play mental games, how to control a man with suggestives and not demands, and how to manipulate them so their ego doesn’t get bruised and the women still gets what she wants.

Is anyone else rolling their eyes yet?

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It was a short read (130 pages), so I did read the whole thing, but not even a quarter of the way through, I was sick of hearing how a woman can go from low-value to a high-value in a mans eyes by acting and speaking a certain way. And to be fair, the author even stated in the beginning, “You can expect me to step on your toes here and there throughout this book.” I kept thinking, this HAS to be satire. This guy HAS to be joking. He thinks telling women how to act so that they can be in a relationship, or keep their man satisfied by mindf*cking them, is worthy of 130 pages?

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Needless to say, I don’t recommend the singletons give this a read. 100% disclosure, I did not take to the streets with this dating advice to test it out, so maybe it works for some, but for me, I have seen plenty of strong relationships built on respect and honesty, and I’d rather emulate that than what I’ve read per Nox. I understand that probably puts me in his “nice girl, low value” category, but guess what? To that I say, f<3ck him.