For the Broken by Shenaia Lucas

Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: love, relationships, heartbreak, equality.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars


Another beautiful collection of poetry! I had seen screenshots and whatnot of Lucas’ poems, and found them touching and relatable, so I thought it best to educate myself by reading the whole collection. And again, because poetry is still difficult for me to review, I’m going to keep this one short.

For the Broken is 113 pages of almost continuous short poems, bleeding from one page to the next. I find this important to note as the other two collections of poetry I’ve recently read and reviewed usually kept to a poem per page, unless the length forced more pages. Therefore, Lucas’s work has this way of flowing from one poem to the next, almost like a stream of thoughts. The titles (or dedication) of the poems are in italics at the end of each, wrapping the one up before it and yet seeming to set the tone for the next. This formatting is really fascinating and clever. To me, without even mentioning the content of the work, these poems by format alone allow for the reader to soak in the works like their own internal dialogue, which I found really soothing and almost prayer-like.

For content, Lucas has broken down her compilation into four sections (I’m sensing this is a common theme among poetry…?), and they are as follows: for the healing; for the loving; for the oppressed; for the broken. In a supportive manner, each stanza gives the reader advice or a thought on the section topic. For the healing has words of encouragement that help heal a broken heart- or sometimes just acknowledging it’s broken existence. This is also similar for the last section, for the broken. For the loving is about- obviously- love and relationships. I feel the most powerful section is for the oppressed, which really hit full force as Lucas’ calls out the duplicity on the world’s so called equality.  All the poems are relatively short- a few lines each- and yet they still pack a punch.

Overall, I enjoyed reading For the Broken, and it too will be have a hardcopy added to my poetry collection (since I read this via Kindle). In full honesty, though it’s a lovely anthology, I wasn’t as emotionally stirred as I have been by other poetry works, but I think that may be a mood thing. I’ve been feeling exceptionally up with all the sunshine and vacation time I’ve had, so I think my timing of this read was a little off. This may seem obvious from the title, in hindsight, but For the Broken would be the perfect consoling read in a time when you need something to lift you up.

Published: July 17, 2017

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

TL/DR: For the Broken by Shenaia Lucas is a collection of poetry about relationships, love, and heartbreak.

Read it? Yes- it’s short and beautiful.

Recommend it? Yes, to those who enjoy poetry.

Buy it? If you’re into poetry, I would add this to your collection.




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