How #Bookstagram Helped Me Find a Book Club In Real Life

I joined bookstagram about six months ago, and I absolutely love the community (the algorithm on the other hand…. Grr!). I love how supportive everyone is, how nice it is to see a feed full of books and bookish things, and how nobody cares if they are enabling you to purchase ALL THE BOOKS! It’s wonderful, truthfully. But I never expected that someone from the Lexington area would befriend me and ask me to join her book club!

At first, I knew I was too busy to commit (and maybe a little nervous about meeting a stranger offline), but I told myself that I was going to get out of my comfort zone in 2018 and explore my (relatively) new local community- so I sent her a message saying I would love to join her for the next club meeting. We read Spoonbenders by Darryl Gregory that month- which was fantastic- and when I got to the meeting, I was greeted by this great group of women, who were happy that I too wasn’t some crazy stranger-danger chick off the internet.

I have adored getting to know these ladies- they’re all smart, funny, and VERY well read women who enjoy a good cocktail and snack while discussing the pros and cons of our monthly book. Of course, the discussion only leads us to veering off in bookish lalaland and start dishing on our other latest reads, favorite authors, and the next month’s selection to choose our next read from. I always leave with a renewed vigor for reading, about a dozen more books on my ‘want to read’ shelf on Goodreads, and already excited for the next club meeting! I have to say I feel really blessed to have been invited to join the Not Your Mama’s Book Club. It’s given me motivation to read, a great way to connect to others in my community, and something fun to look forward to.

Are any of you involved in a book club- virtual or otherwise? If so, I’d love to hear about how you got involved, and what you get out of the experience!

If you’d like to follow what our book club is reading, click here for a reading list!


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  1. Cute!! Love this <3 I've been meaning to get on Bookstagram for a while but just haven't found the time… maybe I'll get on it now!


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