Kate Morton Celebrates Book Birthday in Cincinnati

I shared a little about this experience last year in a wrap-up and wanted to give it it’s own post with it’s fellow author event posts. Read on to relive the event!

I have only shared a little about this, but I wanted to go in depth on the blog about this really cool experience! I got to meet Kate Morton in Cincinnati on her book birthday!

Joseph Beth Booksellers (Cincinnati) hosted the first stop on her book tour for The Clockmaker’s Daughter, on her book birthday (October 9th), and it was fantastic! Morton was such a delight- she was so eager to talk about her books past and present, and her fans were so excited to meet her. She was so eloquent when she spoke, even when the audience asked some tricky questions.


I was also delighted to go with my book club buddy, Megan, and since there was plenty of opportunity to mingle with fellow bookies, we got to meet plenty of new faces. We met a couple of gals from another book club (Hi Molly & Angela!), one from as far away as Cleveland, and two we recognized thanks to #bookstagram- Jess (@thegreeneyedreader) & Kath (@book_beat)


(LOL, no, we didn’t all plan to wear green! Great minds just think alike!)

I had a fantastic time, and even though it was a late night and an early morning the next day, it was so very worth it. Not only did I get introduced to a Lavender London Fog (it’s heaven, guys), but I made some new friends and became a big fan of Kate Morton.


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