I bought this book not too long ago, but I honestly can’t remember where. All I do remember is that the cover grabbed my attention, and the description sounded interesting. In the effort of saving time, I decided to see if there was an audiobook available of it- and behold, my local library had a copy through Hoopla. At a hair over eight hours, I knew it would be a quick book to knock off my TBR.

In alternating points of view, the reader follows the stories of brothers Miles and Clive. While both grew up in Cold Storage, AK, they lead very different lives. Miles was a do-good type of guy, helping out those around town, volunteering, teaching kids, and supporting his ailing mother. Clive, on the other hand, just finished a seven year stint in jail. Known as the “milkman”, he gained a lot of street cred for not ratting out the other members of the drug ring that he was in.

Now that Clive is free, he decides to head back to Cold Storage. However, there’s a nobody-cop who wants to be a somebody by busting Clive for dealing drugs, and he’s stirring things up in the small town. Clive’s old ringleader fears that since Clive is free, there is nothing keeping him from revealing his name to the nosy cop- so he decides the only thing to do is kill Clive.

I immediately fell into the crazy story of these two brothers and the history of Cold Storage. I felt transported to Alaska (though, the cold snap we have here in Kentucky has helped my imagination), and I’ve enjoyed Straley’s snappy, quick humored writing. It’s an entertaining book that required little strain, and I would definitely recommend if you need a good palate cleansing, enjoyable read.