My 2019 Blogging Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!!

With the start of 2019, I am officially celebrating the THREE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY of The Lexington Bookie! It all began in 2016 with the resolution to start a blog and read more books, and I can honestly say that every year since has gotten me more and more hooked in the book blogger universe. So, before I say anything more, I want to thank everyone out there who has followed me on this blog and my other social outlets, as well as send virtual hugs to those who have been so supportive of my wonderfully nerdy past time.

Now, it’s finally time to share all the things I wish to accomplish this year!

  • Become self-hosted (eek!)

This officially happened in November of 2018, so I’m already checking that off the list! But, it’s still a very big, very exciting step for me to see! I partially did this for the thrill, but I also did this to make it easier to promote my blog on things with writing- like bookmarks and business cards.

  • Host a giveaway EVERY MONTH

I have been watching and learning from all those successful #bookstagrammers who have held giveaways this year, as well as hosted a few of my own, and I finally feel ready to start pushing myself by hosting a giveaway every month.

  • Reach 500 followers

I always get a little adrenalin rush when I get a notification on my WordPress app that says I gained a new follower on my blog. I also try pretty hard to follow and support them back! I’ve reached 440+ WordPress followers this year, and I’d like to hit the 500 mark in 2019.

  • Reach 500+ views EVERY MONTH

The beginning of 2018 was the first time I hit over 300 views in a month. Then, in July, over 400. Since then, my views have rocketed, even hitting 900 views in November. To play it slightly safe, and to also make sure I don’t burn out, I am hoping to hit 500 views every month. This will put me at 6000 views in a year, which will be the highest views I’ve achieved yet.

  • Support and giveback to the bookish community

In 2018, I really wanted to give back to my local community with a little free library- and in November, it became a reality. I got such a high doing that project, and I really would like to do another project in 2019. A few local bookstagrammer friends of mine (Hey Jenna & Megan!) have been bouncing around ideas, and we’re not sure where they will take us, but I think this resolution may come to when we decide on something! Stay tuned!

  • Become more active on Edelweiss

I have a good grasp on NetGalley now, and once I’ve completed 10 reviews on there, I’m determined to take some time and figure out Edelweiss. It’s pretty intimidating to me because there is so much information to look at, but I’m determined to figure it out in 2019!

So, there you have it, my blogging resolutions for 2019! What goals do you have for the new year? Do you do blogging goals separate from personal goals? Comment below and share!


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  1. Great goals! It’s encouraging to read about your progress and your thoughts about analyzing the data and celebrating the gains! I appreciate the effort you put into your content and your consistency. My first give away was so disappointing for me that I haven’t attempted another😩 I need to try again this year!

  2. Happy new year!! Good luck on reaching all your goals–I hope 2019 is YOUR year!

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