Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to Haley from @eclectic.bookworm.haley and Grand Central Publishing for their giveaway back in November, 2018. I won a hardcover copy of this novel, and I was super excited to give it a read! I had a few books lined up to read before it, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to share this review.

When anyone hears the name Nicholas Sparks, they immediately expect a love story. Without fail, Sparks has turned out novel after novel of couples that, despite conflicts, gain a semblance of happily ever after. In Every Breath, Sparks delivers another sweet couple- Hope and Tru.

On a Carolina shore in 1990, Hope, along with her dog Scottie, is renting out a beach cottage for the weekend as one of her sorority sisters is getting married. She’s come alone after breaking off her relationship with her boyfriend Josh for the fourth time. She still loves him, and believes that “If you love someone, set them free. If they love you, they’ll come back.” When she least expects it, a man comes up to her cottage with Scottie, and introduces himself as Tru.

Tru is a native of Zimbabwe and a tour guide in a wildlife preserve, who has come to the States to meet his father for the first time. His mother had recently passed, and he was eager to hear about his mother’s past, though uncertain to hear why his father left her. While walking the beach, he noticed Scottie and assumed him lost. He brought him to a nearby cottage, hoping to find an owner- and met Hope.

From that day, though they only would be together for a week, the two fall hopelessly for each other. Unfortunately circumstances would separate them, but through the aid of a special mailbox, they were reunited. Sparks creates a simple, sweet love story for his readers, with a few twists to keep readers engaged and guessing.

I was however disappointed to learn that the story was fictional, as Sparks introduces it as being based on a true account. Truthfully, I think that if the love story were indeed true and separate from the author’s legacy, it would have more of a lasting impact- such as if it were a memoir instead. I felt almost deceived when Sparks shares the epilogue, revealing this information. However, it is still a pleasurable read and certainly fulfills the expectations of Sparks’ audience. Would I still recommend it? Yes, if you love everything Sparks writes or if you love romance novels, it’s a solid choice.