Moon Magic by Diane Ahlquist

Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: spirituality.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars


I wandered around a local shop and out of all the books there, I felt most intrigued by Moon Magic: Your Complete Guide to Harnessing the Mystical Energy of the Moon.  I took it home and it sat of the shelves for a few weeks, but it’s such a gorgeous cover and I just couldn’t wait any longer to dive into it. At the same time, I had become more obsessed with astrology, and learning more about my birth chart. I’d been listening to a lot of podcasts (taking a break from audiobooks) about astrology (Fat Feminist Witch, Astrology Bytes, and Fearless Rebelle Radio all covered some astrology topics) and it just felt like perfect timing to read this book as well.

A non-fiction, self-help, instructional collection, Ahlquist shares all types of information about the moon, it’s energy, and how you can involve the timing of it’s phases to aid in all sorts of aspects in your life. I’m not a very superstitious or spiritual person, but there’s something about using moon energy that truly draws my attention. I’ve always been fascinated by the night sky, and there’s just something so peaceful about gazing up at the moon. Reading Moon Magic certainly gave me a better education about the moon itself and it’s folklore, as well as inspiration for things to try and take note of.

Without spoiling too much, here’s some of the great information that is included within the collection:

  • Identifying the phases of the moon, specific moon events, and when they occur
  • How the moon affects certain cycles, and how that can potentially impact you
  • Which days of the week are best for certain activities, based on their astro-influence
  • When to meditate and what intentions to set according to moon phases or events
  • How to read tea leaves
  • How the moon influences you personally according to your astrology sign
  • How to grow herbs for use in moon magic
  • Recipes for dishes and drinks that celebrate the moon

The information about all the above is very conversation, easy to read, and simplistic in it’s description, making it accessible for all readers who are interested in learning more about the moon.

As I said above, I’m not very spiritual, but there are many simple rituals that I’d like to start encompassing in my life, in accordance with the moon. It can’t hurt to put a little more intention behind my thoughts and actions, right? In my research about my birth chart, I’ve learned and would have to agree that one of the biggest influences in my life is a thirst for knowledge and understanding about myself and those around me. I want to know everything- which I know is also a large reason as to why I’m such a reader! So, I’m curious to try some of the suggestions that Ahlquist mentioned in her book- such as journaling about certain things, for instance, like my sleep cycle and noting if a pattern emerges that works with the moon cycle.

If you’re still with me, I realize this isn’t a book that would pique everyone’s interest, but I highly recommend it for those who do find astrology interesting, or anyone who is remotely curious. Moon Magic is a great book for getting your feet wet on the subject before committing to dive in. If you’re curious as to where I stand in this pool- I’m probably up to my knees right now, haha!

Published: December 5, 2017

Publisher: Adams Media

TL/DR: Moon Magic by Diane Ahlquist is a reference guide to the phases of the moon and what types of energy are associated with the phases.

Read it? If you are at all interested in anything related to new age mysticism, this is a really cool beginner guide, so I definite encourage the read.

Recommend it? Yes, to those interested in the topic, but I also understand not everyone will care about moon energy, haha.

Buy it? Yes, reference novels are best hanging on your bookshelves, ready to be referenced!

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