One Hour Investor: A Beginner’s Guide to Investing Wisely in Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Bonds by Vishal Reddy

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Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: financials, investing, money.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars


This is my first Reedsy Discovery review, and I thought it was such great timing for me to read One Hour Investor because I have just started to dip my toes into the investing world. I was eligible for my employer’s 401K plan over two years ago, but I decided to hold off in order to pay off a small loan I took out for my moving expenses when I bought my house. I sent in the last payment for that loan, officially paying it off, last month. So this month I had a meeting with our 401K representative and started reallocating what I budgeted as my loan repayment into my 401K plan. Whoot, adulting! However, during my meeting, I felt very unprepared to step into the investing world, and really wanted to find some reading material that would help me understand all the terms and acronyms in the investing world. Seeing One Hour Investor felt like a sign, so I snagged the opportunity to not only expand my knowledge, but also to provide feedback on the book!

In 81 pages, I felt Reddy does a great job simplifying and explaining what investing is, what types of ways you can invest, and how to understand the value of investing. Some things I was happy to realize I was already implementing (such as earning compound interest in a saving account), while others I had either never heard of or had heard of but it sounded too complex and intimidating or like a completely foreign language. Reddy breaks down and gives examples of they investing types, and the book is formatted with bold text for definitions and important bits of information. Examples are given often and broken down piece by piece for comprehension, and there are images as well for the visual learners.

Since this is a nonfiction, instructional book, I don’t want to replicate all that is included, but I strongly suggest that if you want to become familiar with investing and it’s basic concepts, One Hour Investing is a great introduction. It’s short, sweet, and to the point! It was published on March 13, 2019, and being released on May 28th for all those readers like me who are just trying to adult in the world!

Published: March 13, 2019

Publisher: TCK Publishing

TL/DR: One Hour InvestorĀ by Vishal Reddy is self-help finance nonfiction introduction to many different types of investing.

Read it? Yes! I know finance nonfiction isn’t the most sexy of reads, but it’s valuable information worth reading about.

Recommend it? Absolutely.

Buy it? Yes! You’ll want to flag and highlight this information, so your own copy is best.

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