The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: relationships, love, family, bisexuality, sexuality, sex, adultery,  car accident, death.

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I fell absolutely head over heels for Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid (TJR), and over on #bookstagram, everyone kept arguing who they loved more, Daisy or Evelyn. I had heard all the hype about The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, but had yet to get my hands on a copy, so I decided to hang out on the Libby library waitlist for the audiobook for six weeks in order to meet this marvelous character.

At age 11, Evelyn Elena Herrera’s beautiful mother has died, leaving her with her father in Hells Kitchen. By age 14, he wanted to marry her off (or worse, keep her for himself), so Evelyn took her future into her own hands. Hearing about about a chance at MGM studios, she decided to jump start her acting career by marrying Ernie Diaz, a young man heading to Hollywood, California.

From there, the bombshell Cuban beauty met Harry Cameron, who helped her break into small rolls and channeled her into a star. She became Evelyn Hugo, Hollywood “It” girl.

Flash forward to the present, where Monique Grant is personally requested by Evelyn for an exclusive interview, something that most journalists would die for. Monique is eager at the chance to break out as a lead writer at Vivant, the publication she’s employed at, but also highly suspicious as to why someone with so much fame would single her out for a high profile interview. As they begin working together, Evelyn reveals that she wants Monique to write her biography- but Monique still can’t figure out Evelyn’s angle.

As Evelyn tells her story, we learn all about her seven husbands:

  1. Ernie Diaz, her ticket out of Hells Kitchen and into stardom.
  2. Don Adler, her first relationship that experienced any sort of passion
  3. Mick Riva, a one night quickie marriage in Vegas
  4. Rex North, a marriage of convenience for both his and her fame
  5. Harry Cameron, her best and greatest friend, the man who gave her a daughter and a true family, but not the love of her life.
  6. Max Gerard, the French movie director who helped revive her career more than once
  7. Robert Jameson, the man who could give her what she wanted most in life

All these men played a vital role in Evelyn’s life, but there’s more to Evelyn’s past than what has been portrayed in the media. As Evelyn comes clean, Monique has to decide- can she handle the whole truth?

I have to say, I could not possibly pick which TJR character I love most, because she has created yet another beautifully flawed and complex character in Evelyn, who can’t possibly be compared to the other wonderfully complex TJR characters. For me, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo had me wrapped up in the overall story line of Evelyn’s double life, as well as the complicated relationships that she managed. As the plot is revealed and Evelyn’s dictation to Monique ends, I found myself agape- literally jaw slacked and eyes wide- at what happened to those that loved Evelyn most. Reid’s plot twists blew me away.

If you’re late to the party with this one, as I was, don’t hedge to pick this book up because the hype is REAL. This novel is fantastic, sexy, strong… everything you could want in a fictional novel. Please grab yourself a copy or listen to the audiobook, and then share your thoughts!

Published: June 13, 2017

Publisher: Atria Books

TL/DR: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a fictional family drama and romance novel about an actress with a reputation for her many husbands, and the truth behind their love affairs.

Read it? YASSSS. 

Recommend it? Definitely yes.

Buy it? Definitely worth the purchase, and you bet I’ll be buying my own copy.

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  1. I’m later to this party than you! 🤣 It’s now on my “someday list” 👍 Great Review!


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