May Monthly Wrap-Up

This month has been unbelievably hectic. A roadtrip, a wedding, family vacation, birthdays, and work work work. Lots of audiobooks this month and some Kindle reading because I have been on the go, go, go!

First, let’s review what I’ve read this month:

  1. Between You and These Bones by FD Soul
  2. Growing Influence by Ron Price and Stacy Ennis
  3. Southern Lady Code by Helen Ellis
  4. Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman by Lindy West
  5. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  6. A Woman Is No Man by Etaf Rum
  7. The Affairs of the Falcรณns by Melissa Rivero
  8. The Girl Who Smiled Beads by Clemantine Wamariya
  9. Basic Witches by Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman
  10. Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver
  11. Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

Pretty solid month with a lot of these getting high praise and high stars! Now, let’s get to all the activities.

To start, the beginning of the month I went to an author signing featuring EL James and the release of her newest novel, The Mister, which you can read all about via that link.

Then, two days later, I made the 13.5 hour road trip north to Vermont to help get one of my very best friends married.img_4849

I mayyyy have gotten a speeding ticket in my excitement to get home, but other than that it was mostly an uneventful trip filled with road snacks, audiobooks, and a killer playlist. (Sidenote on that- would you all be interested in a “what’s on my Ipod” post? Comment below!)

I traveled through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and across New York state, which seemed to take forever but also wasn’t as bad as I remember from my childhood years of traveling to visit family in the Midwest. Then when I got almost into Saratoga Springs, I tuned into an AM station to listen to the race call for the Kentucky Derby! I thought it sounded like a good race and was happy with the results, then turned the dial back to my playlist. Well, then I got a phone call from one of my besties (hey Jamie!) who was like, DID YOU SEE THAT RACE?! After, she filled me in about the rule for the disqualification of Maximum Security and Country House’s win by default. It was madness! Anyway, I’m eager to see what happens in the next few big races coming down the pike this summer.

In the span on the week, we made the bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and wedding come together in a valiant display of team work.


L-R: Siena, Althea, myself, Julia

Althea (the bride) and her bridesmaids- Julia, Siena, and myself (all of us besties since 4H and high school years)- had fun celebrating the bachelorette up at my family’s lakeside cabin (what happens at Camp stays at Camp, lol!). Then we road tripped 2 hours north to almost the Canadian border for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. As usual, pre-wedding chaos ensued, but it was just a blast to have the girls all together and supporting the to-be-newlyweds. Then, the wedding festivities commenced, and the couple deserved all the celebration!



After the celebration was over and the newlyweds were set to honeymoon, I headed back to my parents, spent a little time with them, my sister, my grandparents, and my aunts and uncles. I also did a few touristy things, like stopped by Lake Champlain for a quick photo. img_4829 Then, it was time to hit the road back to Kentucky (in which my car did a whopping grand total of 2400 miles in 10 days).

Once home, it was time to get back to work. Not only did I have to play catch-up at my day job, but I also became a busy bee at my part time farm job. There’s always plenty to do in the spring, from mulching and weeding to spring cleaning and routine upkeep, but this year has additional time sensitivity as the owners are putting the farm on the market. I haven’t been getting a ton of time at the gym because of the farm work, but my muscles sure are saying I’m working them!

Two weeks after I got back to Kentucky my parents did their own roadtrip, headed south. My nephew was graduating from Kindergarten, and in the same week he was celebrating his 6th birthday. My brother also happened to be celebrating his birthday, and my niece was having her first dance recital. So I spent a lot of my time and most of Memorial Day weekend traveling between my home and my brother’s to spend time with the family.


Before I knew it, we were in the last week of May. Honestly, I’m a little exhausted, but I’m so thankful. I get to see my family on a semi-regular basis, despite the hours between us. My body is tired, but it’s because I’ve got two jobs that I like to give my best to. Mentally, I’m a little scattered but I know staying busy keeps me motivated and anticipating what comes next. I think I said this last month, but next month should quiet down some, and I should have a little more time for blogging and bookish activities. So, please keep bearing with me!

Now before I wrap up this wrap-up, I have one more thing to mention, or I should say ask, of you all. What do you want to see more of this summer, in regards to what you see on this blog? What do you like/don’t like (be honest!) about the blog? I’ve been reading up on blogging techniques and tips, and trying to assess how I’m doing here, and would love your input. You can put your thoughts in the comment section below, or contact me here!

Alrighty everyone- get ready for some summertime! I’ll see you all in June!


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  1. 11 Books in a busy month is a huge accomplishment! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Œ

  2. Ahh you’ve read so many books despite having such a busy month, that’s so great! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that June will be wonderful to you <3

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