It’s Always The Husband by Michele Campbell

Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: Suicide, coercion, death, murder.

Goodreads Rating: 3.5 Stars


I have been sitting on a copy of It’s Always The Husband since last October! One of my Bookstagram buddies, Jessica of @thetravelingbooks tagged, me and three others and Pure Wow Book Club not only gave Jess, the winner, a copy- but to all the bookies she tagged! So I lucked out and was super intrigued by the book, and had been meaning to get to it MULTIPLE times- yet it didn’t happen. Well, I was looking for some new audiobooks last week and found an audio copy and jumped on it, hoping to cross it off my TBR, FINALLY.


In the novel, we meet three college girls, dubbed the WhipTrips- Aubrey, Jenny, and Kate. Kate is the rich spoiled troublemaker that all the guys fall for. Jenny is the Type A student and overachiever. Aubrey is the shy wannabe who knows that her two roomies are the perfect pair- one to get her into trouble, and one to get her out.

However, sometimes this trio gets into situations they can’t get out of- and at one point in particular, leaves an innocent friend dead.

20 years later, when Kate returns to the small college town, her friends find out that she hasn’t renounced her old ways. When the situation takes a serious turn, all the book characters are all left to figure out how to keep the past from being dredged up- even if it includes covering up a murder.

I honestly thought this book was going to be painfully predictable, but I have to say that Campbell really kept me engaged and entertained in trying to predict just “whodunnit”. I’ll will say, it wasn’t without flaws though. The character building is pretty flat- these characters are straight out of every girl-trio out there- the brainy one, the pretty one, and the quiet by deadly one- and they have very little character development throughout the story. Truthfully, they don’t mature much in their 20 years post-grad, and the one I thought most relatable wasn’t exactly a model human-being. However, despite this, their dramatics really made for a dynamic group that made it difficult to pinpoint a suspect because they were all ridiculously guilty in the grand scheme of things.

Campbell’s suspense/mystery thriller is conversationally written, making it easy to devour and relatively straight forward despite the twists in the plot. This lends well to the audiobook, because not once did I get confused by who was speaking. The narration was excellent, right down to the fake snobby rich girl voice of Kate. It was about 10 hours of audio, and I finished it in two days (thanks to a mini-roadtrip and a lot of running around this week.) I would say it’s great if you need a pallet cleaner or a fun summer read that requires little mental or emotional effort from the reader.

Published: May 1, 2018

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

TL/DR: It’s Always the Husband is an entertaining murder suspense mystery by Michele Campbell.

Read it? Sure! Or, if I were you, I’d listen to the audiobook.

Recommend it? Yes, for a murder mystery, it’s dramatic and fun.

Buy it? I wouldn’t buy this one, but I think if you do buy it, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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