July Monthly Wrap-Up

Here we are again, wrapping up another month! I feel like this month went by a little slower than the last, but I definitely kept busy and therefore didn’t tackle as many books as I wanted to! However, I managed to review the following:

  1. It’s Always the Husband by Michelle Campbell
  2. Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser
  3. The Broken Girls by Simone St. James
  4. The Unlikely Adventures of The Shergill Sisters by Balli Kaur Jaswal
  5. Everything Below the Waist by Jennifer Block
  6. Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory by Raphael Bob-Waksberg
  7. Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda by F. Scott Fitzgerald


One of the biggest projects that I’ve been doing this month is reformatting and cleaning up the blog archives. I had a lot of reviews from the past that were short, lacked original photos, and some were just not very good books or reviews. So, I dug into the 300 posts that were on this blog, and started making changes. In each review, you’ll now see what I rated each book on Goodreads, a trigger warning (no matter how small), a too long/didn’t read (TL/DR) summary, and links to similar books and their reviews. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the archives, and hope to be done by the end of next month! It’s a lot of time consuming, behind the scenes work, so it’s not very glamorous but to me, it’s exciting!


Additionally, this month I’ve started to incorporate book recommendation lists! I collaborated on a reading list with Carol from Reading Ladies on “Summer’s One “Must Read” Book, featuring 12 bloggers and what 5-star books we recommend you read over the summer! At the same time, I was also working on a collaboration with the two hostesses of Talk Crooked Podcast, Kae and Carrie, on a reading list based off the topics of their show’s episodes. This lead to Crooked Book Recommendations (Part 1)! Then, I decided to wrap up this month with one more recommendation list, this time from a huge group of #bookstagrammers who participated in my June giveaway. I had asked which book has been their favorite summer read, and then I compiled the results, leading to 10 Best Summer Reads of 2019, According to Bookstagram!

In an effort to help other book bloggers out there, or those who are on the edge of starting their own book blog, I also wrote a thought piece about How to “Be” a Book Blogger, in which I give advice on what it takes to “do the job”. There’s more to it than most people think, but at the same time, the basic necessities are a passion for books and writing, and a confidence to put your thoughts into a blog!01919781-f016-44e0-9528-75cf9c15afc3

The rest of the month has been mostly devoted to working, hitting the gym, healing a bum foot (or as I’m now referencing it, The Great Flip Flop Disaster of 2019) and spending time with family and friends. Highlights include the Fourth of July, which was spent hiking and BBQ’ing, and watching so many firework shows. I also got to see my first theater play in Lexington, watching The LEX Presents: West Side Story (which was so good and heartbreaking!) Luckily, as I’ve said before, thank goodness for audiobooks, because the farm and the car is where I get most of my reading in.

Looking forward to August, I had all the best intentions to make the whole month of August a Classics Month, like I did last year. I really enjoyed the diversity of reading something outside my norm and especially those that challenged me. However, I have a handful of review requests that I need/planned to share as well, and so therefore I’m going to do a Classics Week instead! From August 25-August 31, I will be posting EVERY DAY that week, sharing a classic book review. 

So, that’s all the big news for the month of July! As always, thank you for your support and patience while I do my best to give you all a good experience while reading this blog <3


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  1. I’m sooooo impressed that you’ve been working on your older posts! 🙌 what a labor of love! It might be fun to look back too? I know I need to do that to check broken links, replace illegal google photo grabs 😱, update tags/categories, etc …..but I don’t want to be tempted to rewrite the posts!
    Also, congrats on all your collabs this month! Sooooo fun! Thank you for contributing to mine and including the link in your post! It’s a joy to work with you 😍
    You’ve had a great reading month with all you’ve had going on!

    • Thanks Carol!! I always appreciate your encouragement because in the back of my mind, what you interpret as a labor of love is what I call my Type A lunacy! 😂🙈🤷🏻‍♀️ But yes I’m determined!
      And thank you again for inviting me to collab with you, it was such a fun assignment!! Definitely motivated me with the others as well, and introduced me to some more awesome books and bloggers!!!

      • Expanding the community and camaraderie and TBR are definite perks of blogging! And no need to explain your dedication to your blog! It’s what sets you a part and your commitment to quality and thoroughness was one of the things I first noticed when I came across your blog! 👍😍

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