Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: sex, relationships, suicide, death, occult, black market, illness.

Goodreads Rating: 3.5 Stars


Lock Every Door is a recent 2019 summer release that has been getting a lot of hype the last few months. It sounded perfect for the fall, as I get into creepy, spooky, and twisty suspense thrillers as Halloween creeps up. I picked up the audiobook from my library app (Libby) and gave the 10 hour audio a listen over the course of three days.

The novel kicks off introducing Jules Larsen, a young woman down on her luck after her parents both pass away, she loses her home, and her older sister has been abducted… or ran away with out a trace (they’re not sure.) She’s just about to land a dream job- becoming an apartment sitter at the luxurious Bartholomew, in which the building manager is paying Jules $4000 a month for three months, just to occupy the apartment while it’s between owners. Desperate to start her life over, she can only dream of what that kind of money could do to help her get back on her feet- and doing so in the setting of her favorite novel, Heart of a Dreamer by Greta Manville, is too good to be true.

Yet, the conditions of the arrangement seem to raise a few red flags- no visitors, no nights away from the apartment, and absolutely no questions regarding the other tenants. Cautious Jules tries to keep her head down, but after only two days, one of her fellow apartment sitters goes missing, and leaves hardly a trail for anyone to follow. Determined to find her friend, Jules starts covertly digging into the history of the Bartholomew- and what she finds out will give everyone the chills.

Sager gives his readers a fast paced suspense mystery with an “every girl” main character- one who plenty of young adults and millennials would be able to relate to, despite Jules’ rather dark family history. The writing is transportive, bringing the reader into the fictional lavish building in the Upper West Side of NYC. The plot, though tedious at times with it’s intentional misdirection to keep from revealing too much, keeps the readers guessing as to what exactly is going on within the Bartholomew- I certainly didn’t expect the outcome. However, I personally thought that the ending wasn’t very satisfying- it tied things up, but it was anticlimactic. Despite that, I felt that Lock Every Door was a solid suspense read that many would enjoy, especially if they’re in the mood for some seasonal spooky reads.

Published: July 2, 2019

Publisher: Dutton

TL/DR: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager is a suspense thriller about a young woman who plans to restart her life after given the opportunity to live in the prestigious historical house, the Bartholomew.

Read it? Yes. If you’re looking for a perfect seasonal suspense thriller, Lock Every Door is a good choice.

Recommend it? Yes, especially for those looking for a seasonal read.

Buy it? I personally wouldn’t purchase this one, but if you’re already a fan of Riley Sager, I’d go for it. However, I’d definitely encourage borrowing and listening to the audiobook.

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