12 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Book Nerd (Besides New Books)

It’s that time of year again!

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Everyone is starting to think about what to give their friends and family for the holidays, so I’m offering twelve easy gift suggestions to make shopping for your favorite book nerd a snap!

1. Bookish Merch

As a Harry Potter fan, if you bought me anything in my house colors (#Hufflepuff), I’d be pretty darn excited. So I suggest that if you know your bookish friend has a certain affliction for a fandom, get them something nifty from their favorite book universe.

2. Cozy Socks, Blankets, Pillows

Books go hand-in-hand with cozy nooks and chairs. Help your book buddy stay comfy during their 5 hour (who are we kidding, 12 HOUR) reading bender with plush socks, snugly blankets, and book-themed pillows.

3. A #bookstagram Worthy Coffee Mug

Nothing pairs better with a book than a beverage, and for most, this time of year calls for a warm drink. Whether it be for coffee, tea, or something more adult, a mug is a must have. Choose something that reflects what your bookish person loves- book quotes, sarcastic statements, pretty images, what have you. Is your person on the go? Try a travel mug instead!

4. Book Bags and Totes

Bookies can’t help it- they walk into a bookstore or a library and before you know it, their arms are full. Give them a (literally free) hand and give them something to carry their loot in! There are so many great book-related totes out there, varying in size to match any reader’s demand.

5. Subscriptions to Book Boxes or Audiobook Services

The best part about gift-giving is the anticipation of what is inside the gift. That’s why subscription boxes are such a hit! So why not extend the holidays and the anticipation by giving your bookie a subscription book box? Each box has a theme, usually includes books and bookish merchandise, and can be customized to fit your budget (usually allowing the option to subscribe for one month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.) If your bookie is more of an audiophile, try gifting them a subscription to an audiobook service, where they can choose what books they’d like to listen to for a certain amount each month. (Click the link above to see a list of awesome audiobook services!)

6. New Bookshelf

I should preface with this: This gift is best given to a bookie you live with, so as to assure the size of the bookshelf will accommodate the living space. But yes, a new bookshelf is a great gift for someone who you know is lacking shelf space in their personal libraries. Whether you can make it yourself, or want to purchase a prefabricated one from a store (Ikea is a favorite of mine), you can bet your bookie will want it set up as quick as possible so they can rearrange their shelves in time to show off on #shelfiesunday.

7. Techie Gear for Their Online Persona

Got a Book-tuber on your hands? Or a #bookstagrammer? How about a book blogger? No matter what type of book nerd you dare to claim, they’d all enjoy something techie that can help them better their online presence. This could include special lights and lamps, new computers or software, new cameras or phones, or even something simple like this rechargeable Aluratek LED Bookmark.

8. Candles or Scents for the Perfect Reading Atmosphere

Cozy reading isn’t complete without a relaxing candle burning or a sweet scent wafting from a wax-warmer. A great go-to gift, candles with atmospheric or bookish scents and jars are easy to find and budget friendly. Not sure if you trust your bookie (or their furkids) near an open flame? (Lol, it’s okay, my people don’t trust me with fire, either.) Try gifting a wax-warmer. It can give the same affect, but with less fire-hazard! Also, not sure what scent to go with? Try soothing smells like vanilla, lavender, sage, or cinnamon- or anything named after something your Granny might bake in an oven during the holidays.

9. Noise-Cancelling Headphones (So They Can Read in Peace)

This is another perfect gift for your favorite audiophiles, and honestly anyone who lives with a large (or loud, no matter the size) family. Giving the gift of noise-cancelling headphones allows for the bookie to carve out a little bit of quiet time. Worried about the budget (since these bad boys can get pricey)? Try keeping an eye out during Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals!

10. Kindles, Tablets, Ipads, etc. for eBooks

If your book nerd hasn’t given eBooks a chance yet because they don’t have the right eReader device, now is the time to be their hero. There are plenty of options for device types, and they’re great for storing thousands of books (the first generation 2G Kindle claims to hold 1,400 books!) This is a win for everybody as well, because not only does an eReader cut down on bookshelf space, but it’s also great for people on the go, as well as backlit, meaning you can read in bed, in the dark, without disturbing your sleeping partner!

11. Gift Certificates to Coffee Shops

I don’t think I know a single bookie who has ever said “I never go to coffee shops.” It’s like we’re magnetically drawn to cozy shops with warm beverages and places to knock out some chapters in peace. If you can’t decide on the perfect item to give, or are limited on shipping space, you can’t go wrong with one of these!

12. Gift Certificates to Book Stores

When you’ve come to the conclusion that your bookie doesn’t need another single bookish item, but you know they will love you forever for allowing them to buy another book, it is perfectly acceptable (and appreciated) to give them a gift certificate to their favorite book store. Yes, they will buy more books, or more merch. And yes, you are supporting their habit. However, there are worse habits, right? And you care for this person, right? So in the spirit of the holidays, it’s okay- let the bookie have their fun. You can discuss clearing off their bookshelves AFTER the new year.

Lastly, if after all those suggestions, you still think you need to give your book nerd a new book, please feel free to check out my NEW little affiliate shop! I’ve listed my favorite reads of 2019 with an Amazon Affiliate link (in which I might earn a small commission at no cost to you, if you purchase through the link). I’d recommend those books to anybody because they’re fantastic, so I know your favorite bookie would love them too!

Best of luck during your holiday shopping!



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  1. ‘’Tis The season! I hope you get some of these for yourself! 👍😍

  2. This is such a cool list! I had no idea about the LED bookmark! This generation is blessed cuz in my day we just ruined our eyesight in the dark of the night😂

  3. I think I’m at age where socks are actually a cute and appropriate gift. I swear, we’ve been getting a lot of socks as presents this year!

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