My 2020 Blogging Goals & Resolutions


2020 kicks off my 4th year of consistent blogging, and I’m so proud of 2016 me for jumping in feet first with The Lexington Bookie. *Self high-fives* Each year I push and challenge myself more to help grow this blog, and I’ve already made lots of big plans for 2020. Here’s what I aim to accomplish:

  • Read 96 books as my Goodreads Challenge.

I have read over 100 books the past two years, and this year, I am finally upping my committment for the Goodreads Challenge. 96 books is eight books per month, which is what I have scheduled out to review this year.

  • Transition posting schedule from three posts per week to four.

I have already been planning this one out, so you may have already noticed a change in the posting schedule. For 2020, I intend to follow the following schedule:

Sunday: Author spotlights, author events, book mail, book series, and reading recommendations (in no particular order)
Tuesdays/Thursdays: book reviews
Saturdays: Blogging advice, blogger spotlights

If you are interested in just one of these listed, make sure to find them by searching in the categories archives!

  • Hold four seasonal giveaways.

Last year, I went with the go big or go home mentality, and I bit off more than I could chew. This year, I’m taking the cautious route and going with four seasonal giveaways, which I’ll preplan for the entire year. The first will kick off in the spring, so keep an eye out for it, and spread the word!

  • Reach 1000 followers

I think this is my lofty goal this year. I’ve been averaging about 250 followers per year, which to me is amazing, because you’re all so supportive and have stayed with me for over three years! So trying to hit 1000 followers means I’m looking for an extra 50 followers this year. As we all know, the more followers, the more outreach, the more successful the blog, the bigger the impact! So please, spread the word and help me reach my goal!

  • Reach 1000 views every month

This is probably my next loftiest goal. I had some really great luck in 2019 with a few popular reviews that skyrocketed my views up over 2000 + views a month, but as the year went on, readers moved on, and my numbers dropped to a steady 1000 per month. I am still super pumped that I’m getting those kinds of stats, but again, the numbers help determine the impact and direction of this blog, so I want to keep them steady or climbing, and not continuing in a downward trend.

  • Continue marketing and growing outreach to the local community as a resource.

As you all can see and know, I want this blog to mean something, and not just to myself but to all of you who take the time to check out my reviews and read my thoughts. I want you to find value in the work I’m doing, and so I’m planning to promote and expand even more on the local information available here, as well as expanding what I can do for the book blogger community! I intend to be more active in the local bookstagrammer group that I started, and to promote the little libraries in town, and to share more resource information.

Additionally, I’m bringing in the experts- that’s right, my fellow bloggers! I want to showcase the awesome topics and advice that all you book bloggers have put out there, and help boost your stats too. I want to collaborate some more with fellow bookies and help cross promote important or entertaining information!

As you can see, I’ve got plans, and I really hope y’all trust me and stick around for good things to come. I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for 2020, and I look forward to helping you reach your goals!


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  1. Congrats on your success and best wishes as you accomplish your ambitious goals! I experienced an increase in views as I posted more times per week. I have found it takes a great deal of promotion on social media to increase views! I have found the most community on Instagram but the most promotion and views on twitter. Seldom will readers click through to read your blog from Instagram. The click through rate is much higher on twitter. People are also quicker to share and help you promote on twitter. I spend an average of 3 hours a day just on social media promotion, blog hopping, returning comments, etc. Promotion is relentless and time consuming! If you collect a group of blogging friends, you can set up a sharing group on twitter. I recently joined a group like that. I have found that many bloggers will return the favor if you tweet their blog posts! It really is a great community! Good luck Amanda! I’m looking forward to doing another summer collaboration on my blog!

    • Thank you so much Carol! This is great info! I’ve definitely been frustrated with Instagram- I have a good following there but they seem to hardly ever go to the blog. Twitter, FB, and Pinterest have better response. It’s such a balancing act! Thank you for all your encouragement, advice, and support- and I’m definitely looking forward to another collab! 🤗

      • Ive tried providing no review at all on a popular book and still get little interest in clicking through from insta! Twitter and Pinterest give me the most views but I’m lost sometimes and clumsy at best in using the platforms! I joined a few group boards on Pinterest and that has helped generate views. I know lots of users use Tailwind but I don’t. That’s probably a must but it’s another thing to learn! Follow @the_write_reads on twitter and ask to join the community when there’s an opportunity! You do need to be an active participant (retweet, comment, etc) but they have featured my blog three times this past year which generated a few hundred views each time! They promoted me recently on 12/31 and I ended up breaking a monthly record for views. They like posts that generate discussion and the organizer, Dave, is great!

      • Correction …’s @ The_WriteReads

  2. You do have quite lofty but goals in 2020. I hope you get to hit all of your goals this year. Happy new year! Cheers!

  3. Good luck with your goals. I’m sure you’ll achieve them! Happy 2020 to you! 🙂

  4. Great goals you’ve set for 2020! 😊

  5. Congratulations 🎉. You have a nice and decent blog. I love it ❤️. Could you also check mine also? It would be such a great honor 🙇.

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