FINALLY! We made it to Friday!! 🎉 Anyone have any fun bookish plans for the weekend?

I got tagged by Vicki (@kybookgirl) for the #tenthingsilovechallenge, which cannot include family, friends, or books because those are obvious, lol! So I thought I’d share in the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Feel free to join in on the fun if you’d like!

💕My house- it’s my own little slice of heaven, even though it gives me a ulcer worrying about it

💕My pets and generally most animals- obviously my cats are the best but any furball really makes me happy

💕Camp- my family’s lakeside cabin that’s always been my sanctuary

💕Traveling- I love fresh scenery, driving, airplane views, everything!

💕Spa treatments- lol any chance I get to get pampered is THE BEST. Ya farm girl always needs maintenance 😂💅🏻

💕Tattoos- I have four and want more!

💕Music- especially live music. Concerts are amazing but I also dig small jam sessions- just don’t ask me to sing or play anything 😂🙈

💕Food- I can’t cook for squat, so I love meals more complex than the sandwiches and salads I whip up for myself 😂

💕Plans and organizing things- haha I’m not Marie Kondo but there is something so satisfying about making lists and appointments and schedules!

💕Gardening- I haven’t mastered this by any means, but I really enjoy putzing around in my porch, working on my container garden.

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  1. Reading some lovely romances in this month of romance. 😀

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