Book Discussion Podcasts: Why You Should Listen & Recommendations

Today’s post is a two-for-one deal! Why? Because not only am I talking about why listening to book-related podcasts is important, but I’m also including a list of podcasts that emphasize my point! Let’s get into it, shall we?!

Why Book Bloggers Should Listen to Book Discussion Podcasts

So first off, let’s do a little background work. Book podcasts are an outlet that allows readers to discuss their love for the written word, just like book bloggers, by utilizing an audio format through a podcasting platform. If you are already a fan of podcasts or audiobooks, then you understand, but when I first started my blogging journey, I had no idea that either existed!

Once I discovered podcasts and shortly thereafter, literary podcasts, I understood that they could be a wonderful tool to utilize for blogging. These podcasts host discussion which lead to content ideas, bookish tips and tricks, and further topic discussion. They are an excellent way to find motivation to jump on your own platform and share your bookish thoughts!

Often, literary podcasts involve some sort of interviewing process, or some sort of discussion between two or more people. This may be a scripted interview or not, but either way, there is a topic of focus. This means that they are doing research or forming questions to learn more about the topic… sounds familiar right? Book bloggers do too! So if you are looking for a way to brainstorm content ideas, listening to a variation of podcasts can help spark a topic that you want to look into more- be it a certain book, author, or methodology. Sometimes, they’re the perfect way to knock loose a mental block that’s insisting I don’t know what to talk write about.

Additionally, these podcasters have chosen to focus on a niche that you’re passionate about- books! So you already have a common interest with those who you’ll be listening to. This also means that they might have experienced similar situations as you- struggling with a reading slump, or wanting to get their TBR organized, etc- so hearing what they have for advice might not only give you a beneficial tool to try on your own scenario, but a post about solving a problem and the source of your solution!

So, as you can see, I think that book bloggers can benefit from fellow book-nerdians in the podcasting realm. If you want to give them a chance, I’ve got a whole list of recommended podcasts for you- so keep reading on!


Book Discussion Podcast Recommendations


The Perks of Being a Book Lover

img_0372A local for Kentucky podcast, two women named Amy and Carrie take on the literary scene in Louisville, as well as share about their reading adventures. They are a fun pair with diverse reading tastes, and they invite some really amazing guests on the show to discuss the broad reaches of literacy. I got to be a guest speaker on an episode with them to discuss book blogging, and I can personally say that they are passionate about their podcast, ask wonderfully intelligent questions, and are entertaining to listen to!

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: August 28, 2019 : Episode 13: Amanda Ciejko: Reading, Riding, and Other Horseplay

What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel

img_0373Another Kentucky native podcaster, Anne Bogel kicked off her writing career by blogging and podcasting about her love for books. What I love about her podcast is that it encompasses many aspects of the bookish world, including book blogging. Her interviews are also really interesting, and she pulls a variety of soundbites from guests on topics such as how to track reading, what kind of book gifts to buy, how to get over book hangovers, etc. Also, for those who are particular about the narrative quality of voice, Anne has such a charming, soothing voice, and she’s very easy to listen to!

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: Dec 24, 2019 : Episode 215: Finding the right way to track YOUR reading

The Book Review by The New York Times

img_0371The NYT’s Bestseller List is a huge beacon for many looking for their next reading recommendation. Their podcast and book recommendations are a little highbrow for my reading tastes, but they offer up a lot of in-depth and intellectual discussion on a wide variety of genres. This makes it a great suggestion for those looking to broaden their reading material, as well as delve deeper into dissecting what makes a book great.

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: November 26, 2019 : 10 Best Books of 2019

The Guardian Books Podcast

img_0377Occasionally I’ll stumble upon something on The Guardian website and give it a read, so when I stumbled across their book podcast, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to follow along just in case something piqued my interest. Well, I have to say, there have been plenty of episodes that have garnered my attention, and each one is thought provoking, entertaining, well researched, and right on the button of what’s going on in the book world.

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: January 22, 2020 : Jeanine Cummins on her explosive new novel, American Dirt

Reading Women

img_0374Hostesses Kendra and Autumn are a fun duo who like to get into the meat of books. Their focus on feminism gives highlight to women authors and characters, as well shared interest on supporting diverse reads. I personally enjoy their nonfiction recommendations, but their fiction game is just as strong.

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: January 22, 2020 : Episode 80, Most Anticipated Books of 2020 Pt. 1

More Literary Podcasts

The following are a list of podcasts that I have downloaded, but not listened to yet. I plan to get to them, and I’ll add details in the future, but please let me know if you have any thoughts on them, or any ones that I’ve missed and you want added!

  • By the Book
  • Book Riot- The Podcast
  • Reading Glasses
  • Smart Podcast, Trashy Books
  • Book Club Appetizer
  • Currently Reading
  • Read or Dead by Book Riot

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