Blogging Discussion Podcasts: How They Help You Become a Better Blogger & Recommendations

Since we recently talked about book discussion podcasts and why they are so amazing, I decided we also should talk about why blogging discussion podcasts are important! Let’s get to it!

Why Book Bloggers Should Listen to Blogging Podcasts

One of the wonderful things about podcasts is that they can be extremely educational, without an extensive time commitment. Many podcast episodes can be listened to within an hour. When I realized this, I thought it would be really beneficial to listen to the things I necessarily didn’t know about, and learn that way- which lead to me listening to a lot of blogging podcasts.

img_0615Blogging podcasts are focused on marketing, promotion, and development of a blog. Since building a blog and maintaining it can have so many aspects, many of these podcasts discuss a broad variety of topics. I initially dug into social media marking podcasts, hoping to help learn more about how to reach my target audience. However, as I came to discover, there are a lot of other topics that these podcasts cover, and so I started to listen for other ways to help improve my blog.

Because blogs are a unique creative outlet, the curators behind the scenes- the bloggers- should be the ones figuring out how they want their online space and presence to look, and how it should be branded. This means they have to be engaging with their audience, looking for ways to improve, and educating themselves on how to best represent their brand.

So, blogging discussion podcasts, often hosted by fellow bloggers who have a lot of experience in the field, are a valuable resource that can help you grow as a blogger. And as I said, they’re also easy to squeeze into your busy day since many of them are less than an hour long. Whether you take notes on how to improve your own blog, or find topics that you want to expand on and discuss in your own blog content, these podcasts add value to the blogger’s toolbox. Need suggestions on which ones are worth your time? Keep reading!


Blogging Discussion Podcasts

img_0540ProBlogger with Darren Rowse

This was one of the first blogging discussion podcasts that I discovered, and I love how quick each segments are, yet host Rowse still packs a lot of helpful tips and details into them. Averaging between 15-30 minutes, the episodes are a great way to pack a little pre-planning or motivation into your blogging routine. Pro tip: The show notes are super detailed and are an excellent resource for the information in each episode, so definitely don’t skip over them!

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: February 25, 2019 : 277: The Secret to Building a Better Blog

The Blogging Millionaire

img_8145I LOVE THE BLOGGING MILLIONAIRE. If people were to ask me what is one of the top podcasts I listen to, it’s this one. Host Brandon Gaille has his own blogging empire, and he shares all his tips and tricks on this podcast. He also has a fantastic, engaging, charismatic voice that keeps you focused on what information he is sharing (because let’s face it, sometimes when you’re talking about SEO, it starts to sound like a foreign language.)

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: July 31, 2019 : Blog Post Titles that Dominate Google Rankings

Just Keep Blogging

img_8144Hostess Kim Anderson is the best cheerleader and advice giver for the hobby blogger. Her podcast gives great advice on how to stay motivated about your blog, engagement, and growth, along with fantastic general advice on how to improve your blog.

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: November 6, 2019 : Why Your “Small” Following Matters

Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

img_8142Listening to this podcast is like getting together with your (very smart, very blog savvy) gal pals over drinks. Team duo Dawn and Traci are fun and entertaining, bouncing ideas around and discussing topics that not only work from a blogging standpoint, but also in the larger marketing scale that reflects current trends. It’s really interesting and fascinating, the way they correlate things, and I always end their episodes feeling inspired to blog about a new aspect or dive into a new blog improvement project.

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: August 26, 2019 : Episode 16- Focusing on Visuals in Your Marketing

I Teach Blogging

img_8147If you want a strong, gritty blogger to give it to you straight, then give Renee Groskreutz a listen! She started her podcast as if she were starting a blog with you, and takes you through the process step-by-step. Then, the further into the episodes archive you get, the more details, tips, and tricks she shares on ways to improve your blog. I love her attitude, as to me it feels like she wants you to jump into the blogging world without fear and ready to take no prisoners!

Visit their website here.

Episode Suggestion: May 24, 2019 : Compare and Despair! We all do it. I just did!

More Blogging Podcasts

Looking for more podcast suggestions? Here’s a list of podcasts that I have downloaded but haven’t explored yet.

  • Raw Milk: The Creative Business Podcast with Beth Kirby
  • Site Success: Better Tips for Building Better WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Weekly
  • WordPress Gears
  • The Productive Woman
  • The Social Launch
  • WordPress Business Podcast
  • Your Website Engineer
  • WordPress Plugins A to Z


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