Another Ruth by Rita J. Kuhn

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Trigger Warning: This novel and review discuss the following: relationships, ostracism, religion, death.

Goodreads Rating: 3.5 Stars


Another Ruth introduces two families in 1920 Germany. Cousins Klara and Emma have met two young suitors, Lev and Fritz, who have asked them double date at symphonies and picnics together. The match between young Lutheran Klara and young Jewish Lev seems almost perfect, except for their differences in faith. As the after-affects of WWI simmer and socialists start to ostracize Jews, Klara and Lev must part because of their religions.


After a few months, Klara reconnects with an old classmate named Jo, who has returned to their hometown after WWI, and their relationship blossoms. Klara still reminisces about her time with Lev, but finds a closeness with Jo that makes her contemplate a future with him. Yet, there’s a story in The Book of Ruth that Klara keeps mulling over, making her wonder if a love is built on emotional connection or a religious one, and what one would do for that love.

Kuhn is an eloquent writer, choosing formal diction to not only represent the time period and the clipped tones of Germany, but also as a mark of her writing style. Even her chapter headings were formalized, stating “First Chapter” rather than informal “Chapter 1”. However, this compliments rather than detracts from her plot as it transports the reader into the story and back in a different era.

Although the story meanders over the course of seven years, the tale is one of a unique love story pulled directly from Kuhn’s own personal history. If you’re looking for a sweet, simple love story, this is a good choice.

Published: October 6, 2018

Publisher: Cactus Moon Publishing

TL/DR: Another Ruth by Rita J. Kuhn is a novel about a young woman who has to decide between two men she loves and her own religious beliefs in 1920 Germany.

Read it? If you love historical fiction romance, then yes.

Recommend it? Yes, to specific audiences.

Buy it? No, I wouldn’t purchase this one. While it was a lovely story based on true life, I didn’t connect to the novel enough to want to keep it on my own bookshelves.




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