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Edelweiss+ is another ARC requesting website that allows readers to get their hands on the latest and greatest upcoming publications. I personally and still learning the ins and outs of Edelweiss, and have joined a Goodreads group in order to learn more tips and tricks for requesting copies through the site. However, like many other readers, I stumbled across the site by reading about it on other book blogger sites!

So today, I’ve compiled a few bloggers who have chatted about the Edelweiss+ and given details on the site’s pros and cons, and great tutorial advice! Hopefully, these will help you out if you’re looking to add Edelweiss as a book blogging tool.


Edelweiss+ 101

Local Bee Hunter’s Little Nook

So, I’ve heard some of you (or a lot of you) have troubles with figuring out Edelweiss+ and I want to show you that it’s not as scary as it seems to be!

I still don’t know everything but recently I advised Amy from Bookish Heights and she was the inspiration for this post so I have some tips and tricks that will make your lives a bit easier, hopefully! Read more…

The Book Prescription

First, you have to have an account and make a profile. Make sure to have a profile strength of Excellent before doing anything else. If it is not possible, then try making it as “powerful” as you can. Also, add any positive thing that you can think of and update it regularly with views and followers # as in this pic. Read more…

The Book Bratz

I use Edelweiss a lot more then NetGalley now, though a little more confusing to use it is a great place to gain access to HarperTeen, Simon Pulse and other titles. I know some people have no luck on Edelweiss but some do. I’m assuming it depends on the demand of the ARC and information you have provided. When I first started on Edelweiss I was seriously confused on what was going on. As time went on I got into the swing of things, but I saw that a lot of bloggers miss awesome review opportunities because they don’t know how to use Edelweiss. Here is a walk through on how to use Edelweiss. Read more…

Edelweiss+ 411

The Pros:


I admit that Edelweiss was intimidating at first because it had so many buttons and features that were utterly foreign to me. NG, on the other hand, was easy on the eyes so I found it easier to use. I learned too late that the things that make Edelweiss complicated are the things that make it such a helpful site to book bloggers.

My favorite Edelweiss feature is the saved filters feature which can help in organizing what books you want to request + it can be handy in keeping track of all the releases you’re looking forward to. Read more…

Vicky Who Reads

Edelweiss allows you to write a paragraph (or ten) about why you are requesting that title and why you want to read it, and although the publisher might not read beyond your personal description, it does provide the opportunity to emphasize why you would love to read & honestly review one of their novels.

This is what makes Edelweiss so much better in my opinion, because I can express my passion for the novel through my words in ways checking off little boxes doesn’t do on NetGalley.

The selection on Edelweiss is also superior a lot of the time (but not all), as there are more coveted titles as more major publishers use Edelweiss than NetGalley. Read more…

Reader Voracious

Why use it?

✔️ Search catalogs of all major publishers and never miss a new title
✔️ Receive alerts about new books of interest to you
✔️ Network with over 100,000 book reviewers and other book professionals
✔️ Download digital review copies and access reviews by other book professionals

Read more…

The Cons:

Confessions of a YA Reader

When you request from Edelweiss, you have to type out why you want to request a specific book.  You can get detailed or just write out a couple sentences.  If I’ve read the authors other books, I usually include that.  And I always thank them for giving me a chance to read and review early. Read more…

The Book Deviant

Edelweiss recently updated to Edelweiss+, so I barely got to know the old site before it was changed [pictured below]. Both seemed to be very messy in my opinion, and I find it hard to figure out whats what. There’s different widgets you can add or takeaway [circled in red, far right], and then there are many more options for what you’re looking for, not all of them understandable. I’m not exactly sure what the Buzz selection could be, or the Event Grids [circled in red]. Because I can’t figure things out right away, I usually just stick with going to the same place every single time, and forego trying to find anything else. Read more…

Want to learn even more about Edelweiss?


Many of you know that I am a member of NetGalley and Edelweiss.  A while back I noticed that although there were a couple of Goodreads groups aimed at NetGalley reviewers, there didn’t seem to be any for Edelweiss reviewers. So I took it upon myself to create one. If you are struggling with your Edelweiss experience, or if you are an expert and want to share some tips on the Edelweiss interface, please join our group.

Read more…

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post!! <3 Now I need to check out the rest, maybe I'll learn something new 🙂

  2. I think that is great if Edelweiss works for you! I wish I could’ve had the same experience. Personally I have always found Netgalley to be a far superior ARC platform. Edelweiss is not user friendly ( and after reading your post, they’ve changed again?!) and their customer service leaves much to be desired. It’s definitely good to have choices, because everyone is different. Personally I don’t have the time to even write one paragraph to say why I would like a particular book, so the NG boxes are perfect for me. If I want a book, I click request and 2-3 other boxes. If I get the book, great, if I don’t, I’ll get another. Overall, Edelweiss is a waste of time when compared to NG.

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