Blogger Spotlight: Thoughts on ARCs

If you’ve been in the book blog world for even a short amount of time, I’m sure you’ve come across the acronym ARC- advanced reader copies– more than a couple times (or a handful of other acronyms, which you can define here). There’s a lot of differing opinions on ARCs- the good, the bad, where to get your hands on them, etc. Today’s spotlight is on the bloggers who shared their thoughts about ARCs.

Sorry, I’m Booked

I started to really think about ARCs and their value when I read Morgana’s post Why I Don’t Accept ARCS Anymore on her blog Morgana’s Book Box. She lists out eight reasons why she doesn’t accept or ask or read ARCs anymore. Out of those eight reasons, maybe three are reasons I can relate to. It’s hard to keep up with an ARC list as well as a regular TBR list and ebooks isn’t my favorite format, which most ARCs come in.

One of her reasons really stood out to me though. She talks about seeing too many reviews start out with ‘I received this book for free in exchange …’. She mentions a line where it’s sometimes annoying because disclosing that doesn’t add any value to the review. Read more….

Storme Reads

I know ARCs are voluntary. But I end up feeling like I have to write a huge review to make the publisher or author happy. Sometimes I don’t have a lot to say about a book, other times I don’t. I end up stuck in this trap of forcing myself to write a good review even when I didn’t enjoy the book because the author sent me the book or because I don’t want to hurt my chances for approval. Especially when you are approved right before the release date and there seems to be even more pressure to get it done. Read more…

Fiction No Chaser


I remember when I first started blogging and it felt like I couldn’t get an advanced copy to save my life. I thought if only I could get some free early copies I could make it in the book blogging world. I’m here to tell you, they will come. Be patient.Read more…

DB’s Guide to the Galaxy

You know that feeling? That feeling when you’ve got more books than you know what to do with? Everywhere you look, you’re reminded you’ve got books to read? Your Goodreads Currently Reading is sitting at about 4 or up, because you like to move between books. Look at all the books you’ve read. Now look at your tbr. Now take a quick, quick glance at your arc pile (because it can smell fear). The tbr and arc pile are ever growing, aren’t they? And why is that? Read more…

Ity Reads Books

Advanced Review Copies are the bread and butter for a lot of bookbloggers. It’s a big part of what we post about, it’s a part of how to make money when we post our affiliate links to the books themselves. What I have found to be most interesting thing is that there comes a time when we all realize that we’ve requested way too many of these beautiful books and find ourselves lost in a sea of words. Read more…

Belle Can Read

ARCs are “almost-complete” versions of books that publishers send to reviewers to promote the title and gain feedback. This practice isn’t only advantageous to the publishers as the book reviewers literally get FREE books to read (and review) ahead of everyone else. It’s certainly one way to set your book blog apart (although ARC reviews aren’t incredibly uncommon in the blogosphere).

Here’s where I retract my earlier wording (HAH, got em!). Being a book blogger doesn’t “automatically” put you in the running to receive an ARC. At least when you first start out, you have to put in the time and work to request the title from a publisher which can be done through multiple avenues.

While the idea of receiving a free book is certainly enticing, I still haven’t requested an ARC after three years of blogging for these reasons. Read more…

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  1. I enjoy occasional ARCs but I’m very selective! I dread receiving one that I don’t love or even like because I feel obligated to review!

  2. Thank you for including a post of mind in this spotlight!

  3. I really the conversation around ARCs! Thank you for including one of my posts 🙂!

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