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I added a few additional pages to not only assist in navigating my blog, but to also understand and expand the book blog world!

If you are having issues with the menu, here are links to the following pages:

Bookie’s Bookshelf: A full list of books that I’ve reviewed on this blog.

Bookie Acronym & Terms Guide: A list of acronyms and terms commonly found in the bookish world.

Book Blogger Directory: A list that includes Shirley’s Book Blogger Directory and my own compilation of WordPress book bloggers.

Bookie’s Bookstore Tour: A list of recommended local bookstores and their contact information within easy driving distance of Lexington, KY.

Events: An imbedded calendar that will be consistantly updated to show the upcoming local bookish events within easy driving distance of Lexington, KY.

In addition to these pages, I am also providing links to the following Though Pieces that may be helpful to other bloggers/ bookies / book lovers!

I hope you find these tips helpful!




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