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Bookie Acronyms & Terms Guide

When I first got into the book blogger community, I had a hard time figuring out what people were talking about! There were a lot of words that were new to me, or acronyms I couldn’t decipher (and I thought I was fluent in chat-speak!).

I decided to add a compilation of acronyms and terms that I have found confusing or specific to the bookish world. I have pulled these words from multiple blogs and bookstagrams, and wanted to give them an easy access, permanent space on my site for everyone to use as a reference if needed. If I’ve forgotten any important ones you think I should add, feel free to contact me here!

  • ALA: American Library Association
  • ARC: Advanced Reader Copy
  • Backlist: a book released before the current calendar year
  • Blog Tour: an event in which a group of multiple bloggers post about a specific book on their blogs, usually around the release date of the book
  • Blogosphere: the blogging community
  • Blogversary: blog anniversary
  • Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend: fictional character that you wish could be your real-life partner
  • Book Haul: recently purchased books
  • Bookish: pertaining to books, including merchandise
  • Bookstagram: Instagram accounts dedicated to books/bookish-related content
  • Booktube: video blogs about books on YouTube
  • BROTP: ie. bromance- a friendship between guys that you like together
  • Cannon: a fact or idea that is accurate per the author of the original works
  • Contemporary: fictional novel set in modern times
  • DNF: Did Not Finish
  • DRC: Digital Review Copy
  • eARC: electronic Advanced Reader Copy
  • EW: Edelweiss
  • EWR: Emotions While Reading
  • Fandom: group of fans obsessed with a certain fictional world/book etc.
  • Galley: an advanced, pre-published copy of a book
  • GR: Goodreads
  • HC: hardcover
  • HEA: Happily Ever After
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number
  • Listicle: List article-  writing a piece including a list, like a Top Five
  • MC: Main Character
  • MG: middle grade (ages 8-12)
  • MS: manuscript
  • NA: New Adult (college aged readers or featuring main characters of that age range)
  • NG: NetGalley
  • NoTP: opposite of OTP- the couple you don’t like together
  • OTP: One True Pairing (idealistic couple)
  • PB: paperback
  • PNR: Paranormal Romance
  • POC: Person of Color
  • POV: Point of View
  • RTC: Review To Come
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • SF: Sci-Fi
  • Shelfie: a photo of your bookshelves
  • Ship (Shipping): when you accept the idea of something
  • Slash Fiction: fan fiction involving two same-sex characters paired together
  • Slump: uninspired to read/blog, etc.
  • Sponcon: sponsored content
  • StS: Stacking the Shelves (newly acquired books prompt)
  • TBD: The Book Depository (not to be confused with tbd, to be determined)
  • TBR: To Be Read
  • TL/DR: too long, didn’t read
  • TLS: Times Literary Supplement
  • TTT: Top Ten Tuesday (top 10 list about something bookish prompt)
  • TW: Trigger Warning
  • UF: Urban Fantasy
  • UST: Unresolved Sexual Tension
  • WIP: Work In Progress
  • WOW: Waiting on Wednesday (book that the blogger is looking forward to)
  • YA: Young Adult (intended for readers of middle to high school age or featuring main characters of that age range)
  • YALC: Young Adult Literature Convention, held in the United Kingdom.

*Book Titles: Sometimes when books have long titles, they’re shortened with an acronym. For example,The Fault In Our Stars becomes TFIOS. There are too many of these to list.

*Poetry Terms: For a great quick reference on poetry terms, please click here.

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