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Scholarship Opportunity

The Becker Law Offices are holding their 2019 Scholarship Essay Contest, with three scholarships available.

I was contacted by local agent Brittany Cotton to share this information. As someone whose scholarships helped me achieve my dreams, I am proud to advertise their scholarship contest in the hopes that someone may benefit!

“This scholarship opened on February 15th and the deadline is May 30th. There are three prizes available totaling $5,000. More information can be found here: For this contest, students must submit a copy of their official current academic transcript and an essay between 500-750 words about the impact a major auto accident caused by a drunk driver could have on each type of driver involved in such an accident- teen, adult and elderly. How would this type of accident have an impact on these individuals outside of just a damaged vehicle? High school seniors across the United States are eligible. Winners will be notified June 15, 2019.” – Brittany Cotton


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