Blogging Tips

7 Tips to Grow Your Bookstagram

In an effort to expand my #bookstagram reach, I decided to join one of the free webinars that aim to help grow your social media accounts. I currently have over 2,500 followers on The Lexington Bookie’s Instagram– it blows my… Read More ›


What even is a Book Blogger?

Over the last three years I have been blogging about books and bookish things, and my friends and family have been aware of that fact. However, recently I’ve gotten more serious about this hobby of mine, and they’ve started to… Read More ›

The Bookie’s Top 3 Best Blogging Tips

As of January 2019, I’ve officially been a book blogger for three whole years. It’s gone surprisingly fast, but I’ve learned a TON in that amount of time. I thought I’d share a three pieces of advice (one for each… Read More ›

Highlights from Jo Linsdell’s Blog Audit Challenge

I saw a tweet from fellow blogger Jo Linsdell about doing a Blog Audit Challenge, and I thought I should definitely join in to see what I can do help improve my blog. So I followed her challenge, and decided… Read More ›

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