FINALLY! We made it to Friday!! šŸŽ‰ Anyone have any fun bookish plans for the weekend? I got tagged by Vicki (@kybookgirl) for the #tenthingsilovechallenge, which cannot include family, friends, or books because those are obvious, lol! So I thought… Read More ›



This has nothing to do with books, but my second favorite hobby is music. I’m not musically talented WHATSOEVER, but I love building my playlists and singing in the car and learning about rock n’ roll history. ( I even… Read More ›


I came across this really seasonally awesome tag (even though it isn’t book related) fromĀ Kourtni at Kourtni Reads, that I thought would be a fun way to celebrate the spirit of Halloween! 1. Favorite horror or Halloween-themed song? Frankenstein by… Read More ›

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