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I decided back in March 2018 to start adding additional content to my blog that was book-related, but not a book review. I dubbed them thought pieces, because I was just sharing my thoughts about certain topics once a month. Now, I’m more lax on when I share the thought pieces (maybe once a month, maybe three times!), so I thought it would be easier to follow them if they had their own special section.

Alas, here are my collection of Thought Pieces.

  1. Banned and Challenged Book Week
  2. Podcasts I Really Enjoy
  3. Kentucky Derby & Racing Related Books
  4. How #Bookstagram Helped Me Find a Book Club In Real Life
  5. Highlights from Jo Linsdell’s Blog Audit Challenge
  6. How I Got My Town to Get a Little Free Library
  7. My 2019 Blogging Resolutions
  8. 3 Blogging Tips from the Past Three Years
  9. What even is a Book Blogger?
  10. 4 Steps for Blog Post Planning & App Tools to Utilize
  11. Thank Goodness for Audiobooks
  12. DNFs and Reading Slumps
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