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Thought Pieces

I decided back in March 2018 to start adding additional content to my blog that was book-related, but not a book review. I dubbed them thought pieces, because I was just sharing my thoughts about certain topics once a month. Now, I’m more lax on when I share the thought pieces (maybe once a month, maybe three times!), so I thought it would be easier to follow them if they had their own special section. Some of these are also considered Blogging Advice, which you can find in a condensed form here.

Alas, here are my collection of Thought Pieces.

  1. Banned and Challenged Book Week
  2. Podcasts I Really Enjoy
  3. Kentucky Derby & Racing Related Books
  4. How #Bookstagram Helped Me Find a Book Club In Real Life
  5. Highlights from Jo Linsdell’s Blog Audit Challenge
  6. How I Got My Town to Get a Little Free Library
  7. My 2019 Blogging Resolutions
  8. 3 Blogging Tips from the Past Three Years
  9. What even is a Book Blogger?
  10. 4 Steps for Blog Post Planning & App Tools to Utilize
  11. Thank Goodness for Audiobooks
  12. DNFs and Reading Slumps
  13. 7 Tips to Grow Your Instagram
  14. How to “Be” a Book Blogger
  15. 3 Marketing Management Tips for Book Bloggers
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